Everything you Need to Know About RTP (Return to player)

If you are a regular online slot or jackpot player, you have definitely come across the term RTP. This article is entirely dedicated to RTP (Return to Player) and how players can make use of RTPs of slots and other games to win big.

What exactly is RTP?

RTP stands for Return to Player. You can simply understand RTP as the percentage chance of winning any game. If you go through the slot games available at online casinos, you will notice that each slot game has a different RTP. This means the games with less RTP are less profitable to play than the ones with more RTP. Let’s see an example:

Age of Panda Warriors

Here, the Age of Panda Warriors slot game at Baazi247 offers 95.98% RTP. This means, if you bet IR 1000 on this slot game, you should get IR 959.8 back over a course of time.

Another fact about RTP that you should know is- the percentage of RTP comes from a calculation of a huge number of spins, usually millions. Thus, the 95% RTP might suggest that you are losing 5 on every 100. However, since the calculation is done for thousands of spins, there are enough chances of people winning big occasionally.

Variance vs RTP

People often get confused between RTP and Variance. Since we have already talked about RTP in detail, let’s see what variance is.

Variance is the way in which a game’s RTP is realized. This means, games with higher variance generally have a lot of RTP that can be found through bonuses and they can provide some really big hits. Inversely, low variance games have very frequent smaller hits.

RTP vs Slot Frequency

One of the major differences between RTP and Slot Frequency is- the hit frequency takes into account wins on free spins and bonuses. You can also differentiate between these two through their percentage. Hot frequencies are around 3 to 5 percent on average on slot games. However, the RTPs are mostly more than 90%.

20% of slot frequency means that the slot game you are playing is hitting an average of 20 out of every 100 spins.

RTP on land casinos vs RTP at online casinos

A frequent question that players have is in regards to the RTP difference between land casinos and online. We can confirm that land casinos have less RTP than online games.

Land-based casinos feature slot games with 70% to 90% RTP. Whereas, in the case of online slots, RTP ranges between 94% and 98%.

Some things you should know about RTP

Online Casinos don’t set the RTP

One of the misunderstandings that players have about RTP is in regards to who sets the RTP. Most people believe that online casinos are the ones who set the RTP on their slot games. However, this is not the case.

The software developers are the ones who set RTP for games. Moreover, no online casino can change an already set RTP of that game. Hence, it is always a great idea to choose the slot games according to the game developers instead of casinos.

Progressive jackpots influence the RTP

When a slot game says it has 94% RTP, a part of that RTP is usually realized through progressive jackpots. Therefore, unless you get lucky and win the jackpot, the real RTP is a little bit less than advertised.

What it all means

Now that you know what RTP is and how it differs from one slot game to another, let’s talk about how you can implement this knowledge while playing.

One thing to keep in mind is- since casinos are not the ones setting the RTPs, it is always a better idea to search for a game with a high Return to Player rather than searching for a casino with high RTP. Another thing that you must know is- variance and slot frequency are totally different from RTP. Furthermore, also keep in mind that the more you spend time playing a slot game- the more the chance you have of hitting the jackpot.

If you are in search of exciting slot games, check out the slot games we provide at Baazi247. We have more than 25 slot games as well as over 30 jackpot games available on our site. All the games have impressive graphics and exciting storylines.

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