Online Casino Software: Explained

Different things need to act in proper synchronization for your online gambling experience to be smooth and worth engaging in. Along with the internet connection and your hardware device, the casino software plays that major role. Different real money casino games sites like Baazi247 employ different types of online casino software available in the market today.

In this article, we will do a deep dive into exactly are the online casino software, who makes them, and what you, the consumer should look for in them.

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With all that out of the way, let’s get back to the matter at hand, the online casino software.

What is Online Casino Software?

The software that runs on different hardware platforms namely, mobile and computer, which enable the user to engage in remote gambling is called online casino software.

There might be one confusion though, all software that is used by the casino cannot be said to be gambling software. Say, if a gambling house uses Microsoft Office in any of their operations, it would be wrong to say that Microsoft Office is a gambling software.

Therefore, the software or computer programs that are used for the sole purpose of gambling can only get the tag of online casino software.

It has evolved and is still evolving. The software can be customized to every user’s taste with seamless integration of visuals, sounds, and animations.

Types of Online Casino Software

If a casino is online then it would not be an overstatement to say that nearly all the work is done by the casino software. Easily, online casinos can house more players than traditional brick and mortar casinos. As a result, it becomes impossible for humans or dealers to make plays and calculate wins and payouts without machine intervention.

Live Dealer Software

Even in the plays where there is a remote live dealer, there is a use for the software.

With live dealers, the gambling software handles betting and payouts. The live dealer is there just to deal you your cards.

Wins, losses, and payouts are calculated by the computer or the software running inside it after it gets the input from the dealers.

New software is experimenting with card recognition technology, where the dealer deals the card and if the card’s face is shown, the program figures itself out which card that is. Not only that, it then proceeds to figure out if the player won/loss, taking or adding money accordingly.

Many online casino houses have begun to do this regularly and successfully.


Random Number Generator is an online gambling software which we can play without the live dealer.

Think playing snooker with the computer, with this, you are gambling with or against the computer. However, the only difference is, RNG which is used in proper gambling software cannot be rigged.

In this kind of game, everything is done with the program.

We have done a deep dive into RNGs in our previous article titled ”Everything you need to know about Random Number Generator (RNG)

Things Good Casino Software Must Have

If you are a player, what are the characteristics of online casino software should you be looking for?


This comes first and foremost. The user interface should be friendly and easy to use. The software with a user interface that is not user-friendly and hard to figure out, is a buzzkill for online casinos.

While looking for an online casino, make sure the program they have in place has a good UI.


This is also another important aspect the casino software must-have. The license to casino software is given by the casino associations and regulators. There are many such regulators around the world.

The online casino and the program they are using should be both approved and licensed by the regulators. This indicates the fact that; they are legit businesses and have a high probability that they will not rip you off.

Customer Service

Plenty of gambling program has customer service built-in, to support you if you run into any trouble. Customer Service is very vital in the online casino community as most of the players are remote. Since the gambling establishment and its patrons are far from each other, some issues come up from time to time.

We have previously looked at how customer service is vital to this industry. We have put our findings into the article titled “Good Online Casino Customer Service: Why Is It Vital?


There are many manufactures but these are the more known and respected ones.

Evolution Gaming




SA Gaming

Asia Gaming



Play’n GO

These are not all but they are around since the old days and more trustworthy in the industry. Look for them at the bottom in any casino sites you visit.

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