Impact of Mobile Technology on Online Casino

Mobile phones in today’s day and age are an extension of ourselves. They play a huge role to help us interact with many aspects of our lives. Ever since the smartphone boom, there is virtually no sector that isn’t influenced by mobile technology, and the impact of mobile technology on Online Casino games has also been significant. Online Casino giants like Baazi247 and others have come around and created a mobile-friendly interface to indulge the players.

In this article, we will take a look at how exactly is mobile technology impacting the online casino and its community.

New Members Signing Up

Thanks to this pandemic there is an epidemic of new players signing up in online casinos for the first time. By one estimate, there has been a jump of 45% in the last year of new players in this platform.

The covid restrictions, stay-at-home orders have left very few things that people can do for recreation. It is only natural they ventured out and gave online casinos a chance. The same estimate predicts that these casino houses will retain about 29% of the customers post-pandemic.

Long-time casino goers are also on that list because covid restrictions have been harsh on land casinos too. Previously reluctant veterans of land casinos have also given it a chance.

Why is this relevant you ask? Because it is all possible due to the mobile phones that everyone has. The number of people signing up on PC is very small. Players seem to prefer gambling on mobile devices.

Thanks to “Mobile” Technology

It’s right there in the name. Its mobile technology. It fits in your pocket and mobile data is as cheap as ever. Connecting to the internet and placing bets on the go. This is the main advantage of the mobile casino. They are on 24/7, you might be waiting for a bus or a train, or in one, you can take your phone out and try a variety of online casino games.

Many users like the fact that mobile casinos are an easy way to unwind. It is always on the reach and games are always going on. Plus, you can have a good time and make some money.

Short Reward Time, Powerful Features

Another main attraction of gambling on mobile phones is the short reward time. You can place the bet, and boom, you know if you won or you lost. If you won, the cash comes right into your account and you can call it a day.

This feature works great for sports betting. Do you think they will score a goal in the next minute? Then take your mobile device out and bet on it. Did they hit the goal? Congratulation here is your money.

To make this all possible, casino houses have employed powerful technology. The real-time betting, live dealer casino, the mathematics involved in wins and losses, all happen in the same instant.

It’s all Social

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that this is the age of social media and connectivity. Online casino games have also taken this fact into account. For example, the chat feature when you are playing Teen-Patti. It makes it even more fun and dynamic. You can chat with strangers, make chat rooms and talk about the subjects you like or gamble with them.

There are many casino games right now in the market that lets you gamble with your friends. You, in the comfort of your home and your friend on his, both playing Baccarat with real money with a live dealer. Now that’s technology working for us.

Virtual Reality, 5G and Future

Virtual Reality casino games also look very promising. Granted that the technology is in its early phase, but the future looks bright nonetheless.

Virtual Reality slot and arcade games have that nostalgic feeling and once the technology improves, they can feel like real land-based casinos. The best part is that all this will be accessible by just a mobile device and VR headphones.

5G is another great boon for online casinos. There has been some trouble in the past while playing with live dealers. The deal would be done already and the players would just be betting. This is due to latency.

Latency is the time it takes between your friend waving his hand on a facetime call and you finally seeing it. It is about 50 milliseconds on 4G. That is drastically reduced to about 6 milliseconds on 5G. That means, it would be as real-time as it gets with the live dealers and it is sure to elevate the online gambling experience.

Investment by the Casino Houses

Casino houses won’t sit idly by when there is this new kind of gambling market emerging. They have invested heavily in mobile technology to better the experience of the end-user. Mobile casino business by one study states that it is worth about 25 billion. To get more customers, it is now a common practice among the casinos to give out generous bonuses for the players signing up on their mobile for the first time.

This investment by the major casino houses has spurred growth and innovation in this field and one thing is sure, more exciting days are coming. is one of the most famous online casino sites in India. It also has a very intuitive and user-friendly mobile platform. Moreover, games like Teen Patti, online Andar-Bahar game, Baccarat, Dragon Tiger along with many slots and arcade games that are loved across India are present.

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