How Many Stadiums Will Host The 2022 World Cup Matches?

The World Cup 2022 has finally started, and while supporters from all over the world rush into the Gulf State, Qatar is getting ready to host. The World Cup has been held every four years since it started in 1934, and Qatar will be making its first appearance as host after being selected ahead of Senegal, Ecuador, Senegal and Netherlands.

Since FIFA announced that the tournament will be held in the Middle Eastern country due to the nation’s human rights record, the event has been shrouded in controversy.

Qatar, one of the hottest locations for tourists and business nowadays, is hosting a major sports event. The 2022 FIFA World Cup will become one of the most watched sporting events in history.

There are just five host cities and eight stadiums divided around them, with half of them located near Doha.

Seven of the eight venues were only constructed temporarily and will be destroyed or have their capacity decreased and used as other facilities after the World Cup. All eight venues are located within a 21-mile radius of the capital city of Doha.

Here, we have identified each of the eight venues that will be used for the World Cup matches in Qatar in 2022, including their capacities, locations, and scheduled events.

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FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Venues

1Lusail Iconic Stadium1080,000Lusail
2Al Bayt Stadium960,000Al Khor
3Al Janoub Stadium740,000Al Wakrah
4Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium740,000Al Rayyan
5Khalifa International Stadium840,000Al Rayyan
6Education City Stadium840,000Al Rayyan
7Stadium 974740,000Doha
8Al Thumama Stadium840,000Doha

Lusail Stadium

Lusail Iconic Stadium
Matches6x Group Matches
1x Round of 16
1x Quarter-Final
1x Semi-Final

The Lusail Iconic Stadium is the venue with the highest anticipated capacity for the 2022 World Cup.

On December 18, the 80,000-seat stadium will host the tournament’s championship match before the majority of the seats are removed and donated to underdeveloped nations.

Along with the group stage, the round of 16, quarterfinal, and semifinal games, the World Cup 2022 final will all be played at Lusail Stadium.

According to the official website, it is claimed that the stadium has been decorated to resemble the traditional fanar’s (lantern) dance of light and shadow reflecting the rich Arabic tradition.

The stadium serves as the hub of the future Lusail metropolitan city and is located 15 kilometers north of Doha’s city center.

After the competition, the Lusail Stadium will be changed into a neighborhood gathering place featuring schools, health clinics, stores, and sports venues.

22 NovemberGroup C: Argentina vs Saudi Arabia 
24 NovemberGroup G: Brazil vs Serbia 
26 NovemberGroup C: Argentina vs Mexico 
28 NovemberGroup H: Portugal vs Uruguay 
30 NovemberGroup C: Saudi Arabia vs Mexico 
2 DecemberGroup G: Cameroon vs Brazil 
5 DecemberRound of 16: 1H vs 2G 
9 DecemberQuarterfinal
13 DecemberSemifinal 
18 DecemberFinal

Al Bayt Stadium

Al Bayt Stadium
LocationAl Khor
Matches6 Group Matches
1 Round of 16
1x Quarter-Final
1x Semi-Final

Al Bayt Stadium, the second-largest venue of the 2022 World Cup, will host the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador on Sunday, November 20, as well as England’s match against the USA, as well as one of the two semifinals. It will also have a retractable roof in order to block the heat because of the high temperatures in Al Khor.

Group stage fixtures:

  • Qatar vs Ecuador
  • Morocco vs Croatia
  • England vs USA
  • Spain vs Germany
  • Netherlands vs Qatar
  • Costa Rica vs Germany

Stadium 974

Stadium 974

This stadium’s new design will use reusable materials and several cargo containers. Before being completely dismantled and used in other projects, the stadium will only ever host six tournament matches.

Matches7 (6x Group Matches, 1x Round of 16)

One of the three smallest venues to be utilized in Qatar is Stadium 974, which will only host games up to the round of 16. Because it is constructed of 974 shipping containers, the stadium is simple to dismantle after the world cup, thus its unique name.


22 NovemberGroup C: Mexico vs Poland   
24 NovemberGroup H: Portugal vs Ghana 
26 NovemberGroup D: France vs Denmark 
28 NovemberGroup G: Brazil vs Switzerland 
30 NovemberGroup H: Poland vs Argentina 
02 DecemberGroup G: Serbia vs Switzerland
05 DecemberRound of 16: 1G vs 2H

Al Thumama Stadium

Al Thumama Stadium
Matches6x Group Matches
1x Round of 16
1x Quarter-Final  

The Al Thumama Stadium, one of the World Cup’s most beautiful venues, is getting ready to host eight games, including the quarterfinals. After the tournament, the 40,000-seat venue’s capacity will be cut in half, and a mosque and hotel are planned to be built there.

Six group-stage matches, one Round of 16 games, and one quarterfinal will all be played in the stadium, which was designed in the style of the Ghafiya, a traditional woven cap worn by men and boys across the Middle East.

The stadium has room for up to 40,000 people, which is the minimum number needed for a World Cup venue.

As with all other venues in Qatar, air conditioning vents have been installed all across the stadium to ensure a comfortable temperature inside.

The stadium will only hold 20,000 people after the World Cup, with the extra seats being donated to underdeveloped countries.


21 November Group A: Senegal vs Netherlands 
23 NovemberGroup E: Spain vs Costa Rica 
25 November Group A: Qatar vs Senegal 
27 November Group F: Belgium vs Morocco 
29 NovemberGroup B: Iran vs USA 
1 December Group F: Canada vs Morocco 
4 DecemberRound of 16: 1D vs 2C 
10 December Quarterfinal  

Education City Stadium

Education City Stadium
LocationAl Rayyan
Matches6x Group Matches
1x Round of 16
1x Quarter-Final

The Education City Stadium, which is a short distance from Doha’s city.  There will be played 8 games including two knockout gaems in the education system studium.

It was previously built before Qatar was chosen as the 2022 host and is known as “the diamond in the desert” since it is designed to sparkle during the day and sparkle at night.

The arena, which goes by the moniker Education City Stadium, was designed using geometric designs that recall traditional Islamic architecture.

The 40,000-seat venue will host six group-stage games, one quarterfinal, one Round of 16 encounters, and one game.

The stadium’s seating capacity will be lowered to 25,000 following the World Cup, with the remaining seats being donated to underdeveloped nations.


22 November Group D: Denmark vs Tunisia 
24 NovemberGroup H: Uruguay vs Korea Republic 
26 November Group C: Poland vs Saudi Arabia
28 November Group H: Korea Republic vs Ghana 
30 November Group D: Tunisia vs France 
2 December Group H: Korea Republic vs Portugal 
6 December Round of 16: 1F vs 2E 
6 December – Quarterfinal

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Ahmed bin Ali Stadium

 Ahmad bin Ali Stadium
LocationAl Rayyan
Matches6x Group Matches
1x Round of 16
1x Quarter-Final  

Eight World Cup games will take place in the Ahmad bin Ali Stadium, which was formerly known as the Al-Rayyan Stadium. One of those games will be England’s last Group B encounter against Wales on November 29.

Due to the proximity of the desert to the 40,000-seat venue, extremely high temperatures are anticipated.

The Ahmad Bin Ali stadium, which will house Qatar’s Star League football team Al Rayyan after the World Cup is over, was opened on December 18, 2020, when it played host to the Amir Cup final.

The venue, which can accommodate 40,000 spectators, will host six games during the group stage and one during the round of 16, with the opening encounter between the United States and Wales taking place on November 21.

Half of the stadium’s seats will be given to international football development initiatives after the competition. More than 90% of the construction materials, according to the tournament website, have been recycled or reused.


21 November   Group B: USA vs Wales 
23 NovemberGroup F: Belgium vs Canada  
25 November Group B: Wales vs Iran   
27 November Group B: Japan vs Costa Rica   
29 November Group B: Wales vs England   
1 December Group F: Croatia vs Belgium  
3 December Round of 16: 1C vs 2D  

Khalifa International Stadium

Khalifa International stadium
LocationAl Rayyan
Matches6x Group Matches
1x Round of 16
Third Place Play-off

Khalifa International stadium was built in 1976. It has been reconstructed at an extreme level for this World cup 2022. Team England already played in this stadium in 2009 in a friendly match with Brazil.


21 NovemberGroup B: England vs Iran
23 NovemberGroup E: Germany vs Japan 
25 NovemberGroup A: Netherlands vs Ecuador 
27 NovemberGroup F: Croatia vs Canada 
29 NovemberGroup A: Ecuador vs Senegal
1 DecemberGroup E: Japan vs Spain 
3 DecemberRound of 16: 1A vs 2B 
17 December3rd Place


Al Janoub Stadium

Al janoub Stadium
LocationAl Wakrah
Matches6x Group Matches
1x Round of 16

Al janoub Stadium is located in Al Wakrah city. The capacity of this stadium is 40,000 and beautifully designed with a retractable roof and an innovative cooling system. The Studium also known as a Al Wakrah Studium. There are seven matches will be played in Janoub Stadium.

The stadium was supposed to be finished in the fourth quarter of 2018, however, delays caused that to move to the first quarter of 2019. Six group-stage games, a round-of-16 game, and one quarterfinal will all take place in the venue.


22 NovemberGroup D: France vs Australia
24 November              Group G: Switzerland vs Cameroon 
26 NovemberGroup D: Tunisia vs Australia
28 NovemberGroup G: Cameroon vs Serbia 
30 NovemberGroup D: Australia vs Denmark 
1 DecemberGroup H: Ghana vs Uruguay 
5 DecemberRound of 16: 1E vs 2F 


Qatar has done a remarkable job hosting the World Cup in 2022. The stadiums are all near important regions, and they serve as a nice addition to Qatar’s growing economy. It will have an economic impact on the country, improving the quality of life for Qatar’s citizens while also attracting tourism, which will create jobs.

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