Blackjack vs Spanish 21: The Major Differences

Blackjack vs Spanish 21: Although Spanish 21 is based on Blackjack, both these games are regarded as two separate games due to their differences in rules. Spanish 21 has most of the same rules as Blackjack with additional tweaks to make the game more interesting.

You will find that most online casinos feature either of the two games. However, there are some casinos where you can enjoy both of these games. This article will be helpful for someone who is contemplating which game to play among the two. Furthermore, if you have always wondered how the rules change between the two games, this is the article for you.

The Odds

Regular Blackjack players will know this- the payout in blackjack is always 1:1 unless you get 21 with two cards naturally. However, this is not the case in Spanish 21. The payouts in Spanish 21 are:

3:2 when you make 21 with 5-card hand

2:1 when you make 21 with 6-card hand

3:1 when you make 21 with 7-card hand

3:2 when you make 21 with 6,7,8

3:2 when you make 21 with 7,7,7

2:1 when either of those 3-card hands suited

3:1 when either of those 3-card hands in spade

Although these are the basic payout rules in most casinos, they might change according to the casinos you are in.

The House Edge

The normal house edge for a blackjack game is around 4.5%. However, with the proper application of Blackjack Tips and Tricks, you can bring the edge down to an impressive 0.5%.

In the case of Spanish 21, the house edge can go as low as 0.4%. Keep in mind that this edge is after following an accurate playing strategy.

The house edge of both games can be brought to a similar level.


Talking about the popularity of the games, Blackjack is more popular than Spanish 21 which makes sense because the latter is a variation of the first. Blackjack is available to play at most online casinos. However, Spanish 21 is featured only on a select few.

Our experts suggest that it is a good idea to play Blackjack before you start playing Spanish 21. Once you are familiar with the basic rules, playing Spanish 21 will be far easier for someone new.

Missing 10s and Soft 17

In Spanish 21, all 10 cards are stripped from the deck before you begin playing the game. This results in the player’s hand being made up of a significant number of low cards.

In Blackjack, a dealer will hit on 16 and stand on 17. In the case of Spanish 21 however, the dealer can hit a soft 17 (An ace + 17).

Tie vs No Tie

The game will not end in a tie in Spanish 21, unlike Blackjack which can end in a tie. If both dealer and player in Spanish 21 have an ace and a picture card (blackjack), the player wins the round.

Other Rules

Apart from some of the rules mentioned above, there are some additional rules that are different between the two games. Here are some of them:

‘Early Surrender’ is an option you can choose in some of the Blackjack games. This is not available in the case of Spanish 21.

In Spanish 21, players are allowed to double down after splitting. However, in most of the available Blackjack games, you are not allowed to double after a split.  

Here are some more actions that are allowed in Spanish 21 but might not be allowed in most Blackjack games:

  • Drawing Cards on split aces
  • Dealer receiving a hole card
  • Blackjack paying 3:2

This was about Blackjack vs Spanish 21. Keep in mind that the rules of the game presented here are not applicable in some casinos. Since casinos have the right to change the rules as much as they want in most cases, the rules of the game might differ according to the casinos. For example, in some casinos, you can double down a second time but we cannot guarantee it is the case in the casino you are playing in.

It is always a good idea to go through the rules of the game you are playing in an online casino. We have seen people making the mistake of changing casinos without going through the rules. This has resulted in people losing money because of the variance in rules.

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